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The Establishment of INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (ISDS) in an effort to help answer the needs of the Indonesian people and International Community about need for institutions that can produce concept of development, encouraging progress, prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth.
Great goal like that in the modern world today could only be realized in a systematic if the concept is based on a strategic, synergistic and sustainable in an effort to get out of the multidimensional crisis to the next big leap to par with other developed countries. This agenda is only possible if realized when there is a large design vision and operational strategies that can not be affected by the fall-awakening ruling regime. In a situation almost all elements of society affected by partisan political euphoria post-reform era in 1998 until today, it is hard to find institutions that are still thinking about formulas concern strategic national strategy, a holistic and sustainable. At a global level is expected ISDS can also contribute ideas and activities to help overcome the disparity that have a good world economic dimension, the political, socio-cultural, science and security, thus encouraging new world order is peace and justice.
Observing those objective and subjevtive conditions, we are called out of taking part by conducting a series of activities expected later on to be able to provide problem solving alternatives for this country.
Accordingly, we establish Institute for Strategic and Development Studies, subsequently abbreviated as ISDS. ISDS an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has a mission of providing assistance in critically evaluating problems of country, international issue and it’s people. The growing of critical people will foster a participatory society.

With its resources, ISDS undertakes to produce constructive discourses for the public and decision makers to identify problems proportionally and be a problem solving basic.

Name and Location

1. The name of this institution is : INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES subsequently abbreviated as ISDS in the statues and based in Jakarta. Legal entity the establishment of organization : -
-Law Entities of Notary public Soeparmo Saeran, SH no. 24/8/04.
-Registered In Indonesia Ministry Of Home Affairs Director-General On The Unity Of Nation (Letter Of Registration Remarks) SKT Number: 093/ D.III.2/ iv/ 2009.
- 1. Legal Entities and or Certificate of Registered and Organization Structure
(Licensing, forms and fields of activity, as well as the organizational structure)
1. Notary Act Soeparno Saeran, SH with number 8 dated 08/24/2004
2. Registered to the European Union: 2012-BAZ-2804728242.
3. The organizational profile for “ Institute for Strategic and Development Studies ” has been accepted in Civil Society database, on this at the NGO Branch website at http://www.un.org/en/ecosoc/ngo. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has been accepted in DESA's Civil Society database. 9/06/ 2016.
4. It has been Registered in the KPU (Commission of Indonesian Election) as a research institute, Number: 037 / LS-LHC / KPU-RI / III / 2014.
5. Certificate of registered office of the Tax Directorate of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, Number: 02.837.911.3-017.000
*Account Bank (Rekening Bank: Bank Mandiri. Number No: 126-00-0607645-8 atas nama INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES.

2. ISDS can establish branch offices and representative offices in other locations, both inside and outside of Indonesia territory, as stipulated by the chairman of the executive board.


ISDS is inaugurated since the date of certificate signing on August 24th 2004 and established for an indefinite period of time.

Purpose and Objectives

The purposes and objective an ISDS are to :

1. Establish a gathering forum for the observers and enthusiasts of strategic studies of developmental problems; developing an advance of knowledge by providing a forum for intellectual exercise.
2. Assist in accelerating the institutionalization process of political democracy and economic reformation.
3. Produce critical discourses on economic, political, law enforcement and Human Rights problems within society, Peace Buiding, the Environment to help mitigate climate change; in broader scale able to enrich decision making alternative in super-structural level (public policy) and socio-political organizations.
4. Faster the quality of free and professional media.
5. Champion the enforcement of public ethics to promote the birth of good government, resist corruption and champion an accountable good governance.

In order to attain the aforementioned purposes and objectives, ISDS manage the following activities:

Scientific Study and Public Information
Scientific study ie one of ISDS chief programs. The conducted studies may belatest issues, or matters of strategic nature. The forms of the scientific study include seminar, discussion, dialogue and workshop. In the process, public discourses are realized in the broadcasting formats of talk show, debate and public dialogue in the television and other electronic media.

Research and Publication
In order to sharpen its empirical studies, ISDS undertakes research programs on strategic and developmental issues of economic, political, legal, defense and security, educational and cultural dimensions. Research on voting behavior to provide inputs for candidates of both local and presidential elections is a part of ISDS concerns. Included in those areas is a polling of figures or issues developmed within society.

Its in-depth analysis will be of scientific book and journal publications. Biographical publication of influential figures within society is a part of those programs. Thoughts and analyses presented through the journal published by ISDS are expectedto be of use to society in systematizing contemporary problems and to be references for the decision maker in Indonesia in addition to be literature for intellectuals and faculties.

Training and Education
In the efforts of transforming scientific values and conflict resolutions ISDS organizes a series of training, civic education, voter education, journalist investigation, economic skill improvement and other kinds of training in order to foster societal empowerment. If considered necessary for the sake of the success of the transformation, ISDS is willing to collaborate with other parties in the making of democratic messages and conflict resolutions through entertaiment media.

As a concrete action in empowering society, ISDS will undertake a series of advocacy for the people. These advocacy activities will be carried out by arranging petition, resolution and joint statement with other pro-democratic NGO forces in order to influence public policies favoring the people. The advocacies include lobbying action toward government officials, political parties leaders and parliamentarians; democratic campaign and transparency in the media. ISDS provides consulting services a partof this advocacy action.

Improvement of Media Quality
In order to improve information quality in society, ISDS organizes a series of media professionalism improvement through training and the making of content analysis medium published through bulletin and other necessary measures for the improvement of information quality in sociey including the making of website in the internet

The Experience of activities that have been done INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (ISDS, among others:
1. Research needs survey, DPR-RI (House of Representatif) will of data and information services in the implementation of the functions of legislation, budgeting and supervision (2006) COOPERATION WITH DATA CENTER INFORMATION DPR-RI)
2 . Research, "The Aspirations Of The Cilacap District Election 2007
3. RESEARCH, "The aspirations of DISTRICT TEGAL August 2007-September 2007 the Election
4 .. Research, Mapping Province Lampung aspirations of the 2008 election
5. Discussion at Hotel Century Park hotel in June 2007 about the optimal role of the DPR-RI P3DI Cooperation with the DPR-RI
6. Talk Show at the National Broadcating Televisi Republic Indonesia (TVRI). . "Changes in DPD Ketatanegaraan in Indonesia, 20 July 2007 Cooperation with the DPD-RI (THE SENATOR INDONESIA)
7. Talk Show at the National Broadcasting Televisi Republic Indonesia (TVRI). "Profile-Party Political Party, 17, 18, 23,, 24, 25 February 2009 EVERY HOUR 20.00-21-00 WIT
8. Published Books, "Changes in DPD law of state in Indonesia," ISDS, 2008
9. RESEARCH, "The aspirations of the Lampung Provincial Election 2008
10. Talk Show at the National Broadcating Televisi Republic Indonesia (TVRI). "KPU / DIALOGUE with title Rating Election Results Election 2009 HOUR 12.30-13.30 WIB
11. Organizing SOCIALIZATION PROGRAM Voter Education President through 2009 In cooperation with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of the Republic of Indonesia held on the day: DAY / DATE: Saturday, 13 June 2009 Time: 8.00-17.00 Wib. PLACE: Building Nasution Abdul Muis royal audience hall at the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Jln Lingkar Academic, Darmaga, Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) followed by the Student Representative and Student-university College and High schools in the city BOGOR
12. Polling on 6 CITY IN JAVA: ACCOUNTABILITY INSTITUTIONS of CORRUPTION ERADICATION IN INDONESIA (PUBLIC PERCEPTION OF "CONFLICT" for Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) VS Police) October 6 to October 12, 2009.
13. Training for Parliament: STRENGTHENING DPRD CAPACITY IN THE MAKING GOOD GOVERNANCE IN REGIONAL (Strengthening the Regional Peoples' Representative Councils for Government.
14.Workshop, "" Strengthening The Capacity Of Parliament In The Public Service And Control Operator In Local Government "Day / Date: May 19-May 20, 2010 In: PURI AVIA Hotel, Jl. Peak highway KM 65, Number 16 750 179 Cipayung Bogor Bogor. In cooperation with Dirjend Kesbangpol Ministry Of Home Affairs.
15. Technical Guidance parliament, "Strengthening the capacity of Parliament BAMUS," June 2010 at: HOTEL IBIS Jalan Besar Bungur Kingdom 79-81 - 10 620 - JAKARTA. Participants from member Parliament BAMUS Muara Jambi.
16. Seminar on Youth and Globalization, "Cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports on December 29, 2010,"
17. Public Dialogue, "Strengthen Capacity Community Organizations / Ngo In Supporting And Strengthening The Development Of National Security," Cooperation with Kesbangpol Kemendagri, February 26, 2011 Time: 13:30 Wib to completion PLACE: Seminar Room Hall / Meeting Building C FISIP UNAIR Campus B Jl Surabaya Airlangga 4-6 Surabaya.
18. PUBLIC DISCUSSION, "" Stability and National Integration in the Institutionalization of Democracy in Indonesia, "Institute for Strategic and Development Studies (ISDS) with KEMENDAGRI / PPI UNAS, 5 April 2011 dI Hall Seminar Room Block I Floor 4, National University Campus, Jakarta
19.DISKUSI repositioning Public Relations With Civil Society In The State Reform Era Of Democracy (Within The Framework Of The Act Keormasan Revision Number 8/Tahun 1985) held on: Date: May 31 2011TEMPAT: Seminar Hall University FISIP Moestopo Jl.Hanglekir I No.8 Jakarta.
20. Seminar and training "Legal drafting for legislators in Indonesia with the theme," Towards the Regulation-Based Democracy and Free of Corruption ", in: Day / Date: Friday, 19 - Sunday, August 21, 2011. Venue: Hotel Sari Pan Pacific , Road No. MH Thamrin. 6, Jakarta. Participants: envoy about 150 members of the Provincial DPRD and Regency / Seminars and training "Legal drafting for members of parliament from various provinces and cities / regencies throughout Indonesia with the theme," Towards the Regulation-Based Democracy and anti of Corruption ", in: Day / Date: Friday-Sunday, 19 -, 20, August 21, 2011. Venue: Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, Jalan M.H. No. Thamrin.
6, Jakarta.ce Reform), 18, 19, 20 February 2010. Venue: Hotel Arya Duta, Jalan Prapatan 44-48 Approximately members 200 DPRD persons in several delegate area throughout Indonesia.
21. To carry out public discussion of theme enhancing format ACCOUNTABILITY of Civil Society Organization Through Law Revision No. No.8/TAHUN 1985. (In The Framework Revision Of The Law "The Society Organization Act (KEORMASAN) Number 8/ 1985)“.the event held on: Date : May 15, 2012 Hours Venue : Seminar Hall Aula Seminar Nurcholish Majid, Phd. Universitas Paramadina, Jl. Gatot Subroto J a k a r t a.
22. The study: The position of Mass Media in the Establishment of the ASEAN COMMUNITY, February 26, 2013 until 16 April 2013
23. Research by the National Field about Index Performance Compilation Of Civil Society Organizations , August 30, 2013 until October 21, 2013.
24. Research and SURVEY ABOUT popularity, ELECTABILITY, Aspirations & hope community provinceof Bali's Gianyar district HEAD OF REGIONAL DISTRICT LEADERSHIP GIANYAR Regent Election 2012. The study was conducted during on April 6 to 19 of 2012 during 6 - 19 April 2012
25. Research and survey about popularity, electability, Aspirations & hope community Pematangsiantar province of North Sumatra district head of regional district leadership Pematangsiantar Region Election 2015. The study was conducted during on January - February 2015
26. Second Field Research and Survey About Popularity, Electabiliy, Aspirations & Hope Community Pematangsiantar province of NORTH Sumatra District Head Of Regional District Leadership Pematangsiantar Region Election 2015. The study was conducted during on 21 to 27 April 2015
27. Research for Mapping of targeted group. Programme for A Sustinable Future: Supporting Indonesia’s Strategies to Address the Social Implications of Climate Change in Riau of Indonesian Province. Conduct Programme of Cooperation between ISDS and The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), During 15 July 2016 Until 14 Februari 2017.
28. The Dialoge Policy on Policy Dialogue Strategies Indigenous Peoples Empowerment of the marginalized in Climate Change Adaptation in Riau Province 10, January, 2017 Pekanbaru, Province of Riau, Indonesia. Conduct by ISDS (Institute for Strategic and Development Studies and FISIP Uiversity of Riau. .

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Alamat Kantor: EPICENTRUM. Gedung EPIWALK Lantai 5 Office Suite South A529 Jalan HR. Rasuna Said Kuningan, Jl. Epicentrum Boulevard, Jakarta 12940. Indonesia. Tel : (+62-21) 5682703 and (+62-21)78836426 Fax: (+62-21) 5602810 . Email: isds06@yahoo.co.id and isds010@gmail.com Web: http://isds-jakarta.blogspot.co.id/ and http://www.isds-indonesia.web.id
Contact Person: Mobile: (+62)82313060768


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Registered to European Union: 2012-BAZ-2804728242
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has been accepted in DESA's Civil Society database. 9/06/ 2016.

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